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About us


Trading one of the world's financial markets can be very tricky, scary, exhausting for a lot of individuals. from statistics, 95% of traders fail and are not profitable but come to think of it,

what if a fraction of the world's profitable traders help you earn?

what if you can leverage your money on their skill?

what if you can use your money and their skill to make more money?


well, it is very possible that where benhaagtrades.com comes in. we have been able to bring together some of the world's consistent and profitable traders and we are able to make and create a tonne of wealth with the skills we have in the financial market.


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it has been great since i started using the app to invest, and it is easy to setup
if you have been looking for a safe and secure way to invest and make residual profits this is the right place Benhaag trade is great
James B. Byrge
social media marketing
ben 1 on 1 coaching is superb it was exactly what I needed to learn to be profitable in the market I'm grateful
Ronel Davis
Forex trader