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Hello great traders I will be talking about the Sniper Ichimoku system today.

Be I get into how this works I would like to give some background insight on developing an effective trading strategy/systems.



To develop an effective trading system you should, first of all, know what proper actions an effective trading system should have.

When you want to develop a trading system there are two broad things we should consider.

1.) gaining money
2.) Not losing money

Gaining money: this is the part where a lot of traders love to focus their energy on and in reality, it is the easiest thing to do but it is not effective without the second part.

What makes up this part?
Your entry and exit makes up this phase of trading system development as you can see it is not complicated
In this case, we will be talking about how to use the Ichimoku as a base for finding entry and exits

Not losing money: this is the most important part of a trading system and it is actually a little difficult but you will get to see why soon.

What makes up this part?
-entry confirmations(very important)
-exit confirmations(non compulsory)
-bad trade elimination(very important)
-emotion control
-risk management
-good trading habits(very important)

Why should you make your system focus on not losing money?

I’m going to give a quick scenario here,
Let say we have two traders, John and Matt.
Now John and Matt MT4 was funded with $2000 each and they both had their individual trading system.

Now John and Matt's system allowed them to see an entry for a sell, John places a sell of 0.1 lot while as Matt was thinking about placing a sell he noticed his confirmation indicator has not yet permitted him and so he has to wait.

A few moments later John’s entry was losing and he closed it with a loss of $200

Matt never entered the sell because he had a confirmation indicator that was not yet on point and so restricted him from entry.

Now you see John as a loss because he entered every position his entry indicator gave him but on the other hand, Matt had no profit But still had a good balance to enter a confirmed trade next time.

The message here is ” make sure your trading system eliminates bad entries and prevent you from losing money”

If you want to learn more about this you can hit me up at @benhaagtrades

Let’s proceed with the tuts



What is it made of?
The chief element here is the Ichimoku indicator. Of course, if you know me well especially if you are my student you will know that I never use any indicator the way it was designed to be used. You might say Ben why? The reason NOA because I don’t want to be among the 99% of traders that lose their money.

Let see the system

Ichimoku kijun sen(entry/exit)
Ichimoku cloud(sense of market intensity)
Williams %R(confirmation)
RSI (exit)
Williams alligator(entry/exit)

Read carefully and see how the RSI will only be used for EXIT.

ichimoku long

This table above explain how to easily use the Sniper Ichimoku system for long/buy positions

This table above explain how to easily use the Sniper Ichimoku system for short/sell positions


Again if you would love to learn more about creating a trading system or how to use the sniper Ichimoku system things like;

What time frame to use it on?
How to add more positions safely?
What lot size to use on your account? What time/session?
How to understand market volume?
How to be patient for winning a trade?
Swing or scalping?
And more...

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